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Cuenca,  adventure tours… feel the experience!


Cuenca – Ecuador,  is well known as a beautiful city, and it is one of the World’s Cultural Heritage. Cuenca has an ideal climate and altitude for the development of adventure sports, such as climbing, canyoning, canopy, etc. The practice of these sports has grown by offering a different option of recreation for national and foreign tourists who wish to live the adrenaline. In this post, we will talk about some of the adventure tours that you can do when you are in Cuenca!



Cuenca is the ideal place for those searching for adventure; this city has the reputation of being the best place to climb in Ecuador. Close to the city, we can find 10 different places with more than 200 different routes, where one can practice this sport.  Moreover, the accesses are short and easy.

Less than an hour from Cuenca one can climb the COJITAMBO mountain (Azogues), whose volcanic rock peak stands at 3076 meters above sea level.  At this site, we find routes that vary between 10 and 200 meters in length. To get to the respective routes it is necessary to cross paths and fields covered in vegetation. Our professional guide makes sure you enjoy this activity and the beautiful landscapes. No experience is required, just a desire to try something new!

Recommendations: Wear comfortable walking shoes, dress in comfortable layers that allow for easy movement (combine light clothing and cold weather clothing – no jeans), and a backpack.



This adventure tour consists of descending high river banks.  We negotiate natural obstacles like waterfalls, pools of water, natural chutes, etc.  We will use different techniques like walking along river banks, displacement in water, swimming and submerging to pass traps, walking through gravel piles, and vertical ascent and descent using rappelling techniques. We spend approximately 4 hours in the canyon (cold water). However, this will not be an obstacle to fun because you will be wearing a wetsuit. This tour is perfect for lovers of adventure and adrenaline! You can reserve this tour HERE!

Who can do the Canyoning is there an age, weight, and height limit?

Canyoning is fun for everyone in the family, but there is a limit for the small ones if they weigh 80 pounds and over, they will be big enough to fit our smallest wet suit.  About the weight depends of your complex if you weight 290 lbs. but your height is 2 meters is not a problem, but if your height is less the size change and you won’t fit on the wetsuit, neither the harness.

On the other end, age is relative, can you swim, downclimb, rappel, jump, hike, scramble, crawl on a rugged environment in a cold mountain stream, if you answer is yes. Let’s go!

How safe is this adventure tour?

Our guides are certified canyoning guides, with a lot of experience, anchors are inspected and changed when need, our equipment match international certification and it is replaced regularly. However, like any other mountain activity, there are a lot of factors than we cannot control, it happens rarely but our guides have the experience to canceled off due to any mother nature factor than may jeopardize the activity. This activity can be too strenuous for some people.





This is a fun activity to enjoy with the whole family.  Start the trip heading north from the city toward the Bibín area, where we will enjoy this activity.  Our instructors will welcome you and give you all the information.  No experience necessary.

We will slide on cables through the tops of the trees.  The bravest folks can experience gliding in various fun positions, such as butterfly, superman, and many more. The experience lasts approximately 1 to 1½ hours depending on the number of persons in the group.

*This activity is available ONLY Saturday and Sunday, but can be done any day of the week with a minimum of 10 people

Recommendations: Wear comfortable hiking shoes for walking, dress in layers (combine light clothing and cold weather clothes). Do not carry valuables in unsecured pockets because they can fall into the ravine.  A small backpack is recommended for carrying your belongings.

If you are interested in these Cuenca, adventure tours, you can see our program of 4 days / 3 nights Cuenca Extreme.




Ecuador has been characterized as a country of great natural and cultural diversity.  Horseback riding in the south of the country is a clear example of this, for there exists a gamut of places. Close to Cuenca in the area known as: “Las Montañas de Tarqui. At the private Santa Martha de Totorillas Hacienda, we can enjoy of full-day horseback riding excursions for adults and children. 

We begin a ride through paths crossing private ranches and indigenous plantations. The routes include horse trails and access to the Inca Trail (Kapac Ñan) as well as access to 1500 hectares of protected forest. The old paths from colonial times cross the top of the mountain where you have a wonderful panoramic view of the area.

The program is designed especially for those who want to experience a sample of life at a ranch, and common activities: agriculture, animal rearing, and the production of lacteous products,  as well as rural walks,  horse riding or simply relaxation in an agreeable ambiance.

Not much experience is required. The horses have been trained by professionals for any level of experience!

Recommendations: Wear comfortable shoes, dress in layers (combine light clothing and cold weather clothes).   Do not carry valuables in unsecured pockets because they can fall into the ravine.  A small backpack is recommended for carrying your belongings.





The nighttime horseback ride is Quite an Experience! Full moon nights, give us the opportunity to ride through mountains, forests, and trails that have a particular beauty during the night.

We also do the ride at the Santa Martha de Totorillas Hacienda. We leave at 5 p.m., we arrive at the Hacienda and select our best companion for each rider according to the level of experience. The ride takes about 2 hours.  And at the end of the ride, we will have a snack and toast, next to a fire!.

Recommendations: Wear comfortable walking shoes, dress in comfortable layers (combine light clothing and cold-weather clothing), and a backpack.


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