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Apullacta Expeditions Ecuador / EcoGalaxy Catamaran – First Class (16 passengers)

EcoGalaxy Catamaran – First Class (16 passengers)

A cruise with state-of-the-art technology for ecological parameters to optimize the generation of energy, the consumption of fresh water and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Awarded in recognition of construction engineering by reducing water consumption and wood use by 50%.

Recognized with the Smart Planet certification, international award given to companies seeking an environmental balance in their activities. By helping local communities in the Galapagos Island with sustainable practices

This First Class Eco-Cruise offers 8 double cabins, 4 located on the upper deck and 4 on the main deck; all cabins have either twin beds or a king bed.

Vegan and vegetarian options available onboard.

Carbon Emissions Reduction: An innovative concept that helps to reduce more than 4000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

Smart Energy Generation: Equipped with cutting-edge technology for power generation and reduction of fuel consumption.

An Eco-Friendly Journey: Whenever possible, the waste on our ship is reused or recycled. EcoGalaxy raises awareness for Galapagos conservation.



Convertible beds

Endemic decoration

Panoramic ocean view windows

Spacious closets

Personalized air conditioning

Drawer and writing desk


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