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The big question for many of our visitors is: when can we go back to Latin America? In this blog, we will keep you updated on the current situation in Ecuador.

Current situation

Ecuador has introduced a system of traffic lights, which indicates by province to what extent measures are in place or are being relaxed. National tourism began slowly in June, the island of Galapagos opened on 1 July, airports opened to international traffic the same day; Ecuador’s beaches opened on 5 August.


Visit Ecuador now

Ecuador’s airports were opened to domestic and international flights at 50% of their usual capacity. Ecuador will take strict measures when reopening to prevent the virus from spreading as much as possible. Therefore, important rules apply before and after arrival:

–  Passengers entering the country must sign a written declaration (special immigration form) in which they agree to comply with the provisions established by the authorities and to undergo a mandatory preventive quarantine.

-Passengers must be able to present a negative PCR test result, which is received no more than 7 days before the trip. If a PCR test cannot be obtained in the country of origin, the passenger accepts a test for SARS-CoV-2 upon arrival in Ecuador.

-Before disembarking, the passenger must complete and sign the traveler’s health form, which will be given to the Ministry of Health upon arrival for the respective medical control.

-Immediately upon arrival in Ecuador, the traveler must undergo a self-quarantine for fourteen days, in accordance with the guidelines established by the local health authorities. The number of days is counted from the entry to the country (13 nights, 14 days). Many hotels have been designated as official places where quarantine is permitted under these rules. List of authorized hotels

-If your first visit will be to the Galapagos Islands, then you must take an RT-PCR test and undergo a 48-hour self-quarantine while waiting for the test results, which must be negative to continue your trip to Galapagos. Since the special government of the Enchanted Islands requires the negative Covid19 RT-PCR test with the validity of 96 hours prior to entry to Galapagos – at the passenger’s expense. For more information on how to travel to Galapagos Post Covid19 click here

Detailed official information (in Spanish only) can be found here.


The procedures that apply upon arrival at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito can be found in this video. And the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil can be found in this video


Visiting Ecuador later

At the moment, the Ministry of Tourism is working in collaboration with local tour operators, hotels, etc. on a mandatory protocol to enable safe travel in Ecuador. You can think of additional sanitary measures, maintaining an appropriate distance (in Ecuador 2 meters), using face masks and gloves, disinfecting spaces, etc.

Our beautiful country has the advantage that it is originally a destination for nature lovers with small-scale lodges and hotels in the great outdoors. In 2018, only 2.4 million travellers visited Ecuador, for comparison, in the same year Mexico received 30.6 million, Peru received 4.4 million.

Away from the human bustle, wandering by yourself through the vast National Parks, small villages, UNESCO Cultural Heritage Cities; you will have true peace and space to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, local culture, and exquisite cuisine.

Are you considering visiting Ecuador? We are here and ready to give you updated advice. We are eager to receive you with open arms and a big smile. Even if this will be at an appropriate distance.

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