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Apullacta Expeditions Ecuador / guagualzhumi hill

The Nose of the Lying God.

Cerro Guagualzhumi, which means “twin male mountain peak”, is an elevation located in Cuenca, a sacred hill, a sanctuary and due to its geographical location a strategic point in the Cañari nation; a hill with a natural Andean, cultural and archaeological landscape.

Cerro Guagualzhumi “It is the birth of the sun and the moon, embedded in the old Cañari city: it was the most important sanctuary of the Guapondelig”.

Within the Andean cosmovision, the hills are recognized as Apus “Gods”, divinities whose souls inhabited mountains; signs that guided life, destiny and death. In addition to being centers of religious ceremonies, the hills served as astronomical observatories or military fortresses.

However, not only its history is interesting but also its routes to reach it; dirt roads, beautiful landscapes, birds, flora, forests, archeology, its charm, all together make this visit one more adventure for your travel book.


If you want to feel the contact with nature, with the cosmos, to feel the magic of the sacred hill, do not miss the visit to the Guagualzhumi!


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