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Inca Trail 3 days 2 nights

$519 per person


The Incas created an impressive system of trails, which connected Quito, at the North of their empire, with Talca, south of Santiago in Chile.  In the southern part of the central valley of Ecuador, it’s possible to follow one of these ancient trails.  This will bring us through paramo, indigenous communities, and beautiful lakes until we reach Ingapirca, the most famous Incan ruins of Ecuador.  This hike requires average physical condition.

The Inca trail was the greatest communication system the world had known, greater even than the roads of the Roman Empire. There is a popular segment of this trail system at the southern end of the Central Valley, which leads to Ingapirca, the most important and best preserved archeological Inca complex in Ecuador. This two to three day hike is fascinations glimpse of Andean rural life, which has changed little in hundreds of years.


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3 Days 2 Nights
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DAY 1:

Achupallas to Ingapirca leave early from Cuenca we'll be traveling on the Panamerican Highway to the north. From La Moya, we follow a small highway and after 3.5-hour we arrive to Achupallas (3420 m). There, the local guide meets us with the horse to carry equipment. We begin our walk following the Cadrul River and we go through the narrow pass between 2 mountains; Callana Pucará and Mapahuiña. Continuing upriver in this U-shaped valley, we arrive to an Incan town (3910 m) where we camp. On the trail we have the possibility of ascending Callana Pucará Mountain (4190 m), which has a fantastic panoramic view all the way to Chimborazo.


Walking time between 5 - 6 hours.

DAY 2:

Following the Cadrul River until we get to Tres Cruces (Three Crosses) Lake to go up to the Three Crosses Knife Pass (4420 m), crossing the crest towards Quillaloma. The ascension provides us with a view of the many different mountain ranges and lakes. Below, we are able to make out Espíndola Valley with the well-known Qhapaqñan (Inca Trail) and at the bottom of the valley, the sacred Lake of Snakes. We go down towards the valley and, near the Espíndola River, we set up our tents. Along the trail, we climb various small crests and summits.


Walking time 6 hours.

DAY 3:

Heading south we continue walking in the typical Paramo vegetation in the Inca Trail towards Ingapirca. With a 3-hour walk we reach the small town of San José. Hikers can enjoy 90 minutes more of waking to reach the Ingapirca Complex or the vehicle can pick them up in San Jose town transferring them to the Ingapirca Complex (3160 m) for 20 minutes. After lunch at a local restaurant enjoy a 2-hour guided walking tour at the most important Archaeological complex in the southern Andes, find cultural remains that are testimony to the presence of important Andean societies as was the Kañari and the Inca. At the end of the day you will be transfer to your hotel in Cuenca.


Walking time 5 hours.

Important Notes

This tour is recommend for people in good shape and health conditions. Please note that you should acclimatize to the altitude so you can enjoy to the fullest the experience. Distance: approximately 38 kilometers Altitude: 3,100 - 4,300 masl. Best weather: June to December Special Interest: Paramo, Inca Road, Inca Ruins, Lakes, Landscapes Bird Watching.

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