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INTY RAYMI (in Quechua “fiesta del Inti,”) is an Inca and Andean ceremony celebrated in honor of Inti (the sun god,) which takes place every winter solstice (June 21, in the southern hemisphere.) On the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year occur. During the Inca era, this fact was of fundamental importance, since it was the starting point of the new year, which was associated with the origins of the Inca ethnicity itself, it was one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Cusco. Its celebration lasted 15 days in which there were dances, ceremonies, and sacrifices.

The Inti Raymi, being an Inca tradition, is maintained as a rite for many indigenous communities of Inca legacy, some of which are settled in some parts of the ancient Inca territory, such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Northwest Argentina, and Bolivia.

In the northern inter-Andean alley of Ecuador, for example, the set of related festivities covers the whole month of June and part of July, the celebration in each community has its own rites and customs.

The current inhabitants of the Andean countries, with the presence of national and foreign visitors, continue to carry out this tradition, now considered a ceremony of tourist interest.

Be sure to visit the Ingapirca Archaeological Complex, the main center of a celebration in the Inty Raymi.

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