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Jamu Lodge

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Jamu Lodge, Jamu means Armadillo in the Siona indigenous language, is a privately owned lodge located in the incredible ecosystem of Cuyabeno, where clients can enjoy different types of activities. We are located along the Cuyabeno River, 15 minutes downstream from the wonderful Laguna Grande. Our lodge practices a policy of minimal environmental impact. All our cabins are lit with candles; as natural as possible to preserve the feeling of being in a remote jungle. Solar panels help us work in the areas of operation.

In addition, all inorganic material is packaged and taken out of the reserve regularly, organic material is used as fertilizer. Likewise, our biodigesters allow us to keep the impact of contamination to a minimum by using enzymes and natural bacteria, which treat all wastewater from the lodge. Our belief in true eco-tourism is intended to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while at the same time preserving the beauty of the Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve for the future.

Accommodation: Jamu Lodge has 8 cabins and 2 towers; built in a traditional style, rustic and with high thatched roofs. Six of the cabins occupy our double rooms (beds with mosquito nets), each with its own private bathrooms; Eco-friendly and shower with hot water. A large cabin has 4 multiple rooms (suitable for 5 people) with space for 20 people in total. The 2 towers have 8 double rooms and 2 triple rooms. In a two-story cabin is our spacious dining room and hammock room. And the last cabin includes the kitchen area and the crew accommodation.

Dining room: The heart of our lodge is a spacious dining room. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare and serve fresh foods in such an isolated place. In this activity we make sure that fresh and local ingredients, such as bananas and cassava are used in the base of our recipes, so that you have the pleasure to eat and enjoy the virgin environment of the surrounding jungle. Our mix of Ecuadorian and international cuisine brightens your palate. But be sure to save room for dessert! Afterwards you can enjoy a cocktail in the bar or relax with a beer in our comfortable lounge with hammocks.

When you visit Cuyabeno, you will be able to observe a wide variety of animals and you will also enjoy endless possibilities of activities. One of them is Trekking through the forest on the mainland, which is surrounded by a rich diversity of trees up to 40 m high; in which lianas of the thickness of their own body are intertwined. In addition you will track how many different insects you can see.

A few minutes away from the lodge; Traveling by canoe, you enter the primary forest, the same one that is the culminating point of Cuyabeno and Jamu Lodge. You can also access the incredible diversity of plants and animals by a canoe trip around the lake, where you can see exotic trees and plants, such as orchids, bromeliads, jasmines and various species of birds ranging from hoazines, macaws, toucans , cormorants, tanagers, Anhingas and kingfishers. Also the area has an abundant life of reptiles; like the Amazon turtles with yellow spots, alligators, anacondas and many other species of different snakes. With a little patience, you may also be able to glimpse the evolution of pink river dolphins unique, considered among the most intelligent animals, the same ones that have a well-known affinity for the fresh water of rivers of the Amazon rainforest.

Your adventure can take you to muddy swamps up to your knees, called “Moretal”, or to the small Ant River where the fish swim freely, paddle down the Cuyabeno River and see an anaconda sunning on a tree, looking at a pygmy marmoset; One of the smallest monkeys in the world running quickly through the trees. And from the footbridge of our camp, see how the squirrel monkeys use their long tail to clean some fruits, and then eat them.

The Cuyabeno Reserve is a protected area since July 26, 1979, with an area of ​​603,380 square kilometers (2,329.7 square miles). One of the main objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is the ongoing conservation of the Amazon ecosystem; the most complex ecosystem in the world.

This Reserve is a complex of rivers, lagoons and floating forests. This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and the interrelations among the species that inhabit the area. The Geomorphology of the Reserve is a consequence of the dragging of sediments from the rivers and materials of the Andes, mainly by the Aguarico River. The huge volume of water cascading from the mountains keeps the water levels naturally high, ensuring that the river is navigable all year round. In the Cuyabeno Faunal Reserve there are more than 10 species of monkeys, 500 species of birds and an incredible record of 307 species of trees per hectare. There are two weather stations; dry and rainy.

The entrance to the lodge is made by river transport (rivers), a service that is offered by the local communities with the coordination of the lodge, with a highly trained staff and certified guides.


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4 Days / 3 Nights
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4 Dias/ 3 Noches

Day 1

Reception in Lago Agrio at 9: 00h, from where we will take private transportation to the entrance of Cuyabeno, where we will have a box lunch. At this point, visitors have to register at the Reserve office and pay the entrance fee. Here our naturalist guide will give you information about the Reserve, important recommendations and other tips to start sailing for two hours on the Cuyabeno River of Jamu Lodge. During the canoe ride you will get a first look at the jungle and you can see different types of birds such as caciques, oropendolas and the prehistoric bird Hoatzin. You can also see a variety of monkeys and other animals in the jungle, depending on weather and weather conditions. We will arrive at Jamu Lodge around 4:30 p.m. At that time we will proceed to indicate their rooms where they can relax a bit. After the siesta we will leave the lodge to swim in the lagoon and see a beautiful sunset in the middle of the Laguna Grande. Then, you will return to the camp for dinner and you can finish your first day in the jungle, relax in a hammock or have a drink at the bar.

Day 2
After breakfast there is a walk of approximately 3 to 4 hours through the primary forest, where the guide will give an explanation about the tropical forest and its medicinal plants. You can also see large trees such as CEIBO or small insects like ants. We will return to the camp for lunch, have a rest and in the afternoon we will go out to see the beautiful butterflies and swim in the lagoon. If possible we can observe the beautiful dolphins grazed. And enjoy the breathtaking sun fall. Then we return to the camp for dinner. At night we do a nocturnal activity, focused on the search for alligators on the banks of the river. We return to the camp.

Day 3
After breakfast we set out in a canoe down the river, about an hour's drive to visit a family from the Tarapuy community. We can learn how to prepare Casabe; a traditional Yuca bread. Where we will help in the elaboration of the same one and we will learn to use the materials of the forest to make the bread, in this we occupy all the day, returning to the Lodge approximately at two in the afternoon. After lunch we have relaxation activities. And to conclude the day we will have a short walk through the primary forest; focused on observing nocturnal insects such as spiders, gekos or scorpions. We will also enjoy the sounds and sounds that the Amazonian night offers us.

Day 4
Early in the morning before breakfast, we will make a birding excursion; which is optional. Returning to the lodge we will have breakfast and then transfer to Lago Agrio to take the bus or return flight.

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