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Devil´s Nose Ingapirca

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The route called “Devil’s Nose” operates in the central section of the Ecuadorian Railroad.  It is the stretch that connects the plains of the coast with the mountains of the highlands.

Our tour begins early in the morning in the town of Alausí, on the western side of the Andes.  The Patrimonial Train awaits our boarding for a unique adventure heading toward south central Ecuador.  Along the route we are witnesses to the spectacular landscape offered by the mountains and cliffs.

It is here where we find one of the most difficult engineering feats in the world: the track dug into rocky cliffs.  The only way in which the train could glide and climb uphill or downhill is by way of a zigzag motion, or switchbacks.  We go down 500 meters toward the coastal plain.  While zigzagging, we observe the Guasuntos River and then the valley of the Chan-Chan River until we arrive at the Sibambe station.

Upon arrival we watch typical dances and we admire the handicrafts of the Andean community of Nizag.  We also enjoy a guided visit to the modest museum.  We relish the scenery and the climate, which is a few degrees warmer than Alausí.

After touring Sibambe we start our return.  The crossing of just 12 kilometers (7 miles) to Alausí reveals to us the beauty that our land possesses.  Box lunch.

Our excursion continues to INGAPIRCA, the largest and best preserved archeological complex in Ecuador.  It lies deep in the dry sierra, swept by the winds of the southern range.

Along the way you see interesting Andean scenery and people in colorful clothing.   Ingapirca offers us an incredible view of the past, coming to know the Cañari and Inca cultures.  Marvel at the different styles of construction of the temples as well as the precise solar calculations and aqueduct system.  There are also patios, terraces, temples, and a “castle”.  We will be able to visit the Sitio Museum and admire the stone fortress which has several thresholds, plus walls of stones that fit together perfectly without the use of mortar.

Return to Cuenca.

Our Tour includes the train ticket and Ingapirca entrance fee.


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