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Sani Lodge

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Sani Lodge is an Amazonian lodge located 3 hours and a half from Coca, located between the Cuyabeno Reserve, to the north, and the Yasuní National Park, to the south. The lodge started its activity in 2002 and is 100% owned by the Sani Isla Quichua community. The lodge is located on the edge of a lagoon whose waters are black, Challuacocha, and from the bar and dining room you can observe the wildlife in the lagoon and the sunset. The 15,000 hectares of primary forest of the lodge are owned by the Sani Isla community and have a biodiversity that is very difficult to find elsewhere. Among the animals that can be seen in Sani are the black lizard; sea ​​cow; thirteen different types of monkeys (including howler monkeys and woolly monkeys); lazy bears; armadillos; 550 different species of birds (including blue and yellow macaws, hoatzines, vultures, parrots and many more).

You will always remember the captivating greenery and the surprising intense colors of the flora of the jungle, ranging from orchids to the famous strangler figs, better known as matapalos.

Sani Jungle Lodge offers accommodation for up to 30 people in 14 cabins: 10 with a thatched roof and 4 family cabins. All cabins have private bathrooms, windows with screens to prevent the entry of insects, and double or matrimonial beds. The electricity is provided by solar panels. It also has a camping area, in which the lodge provides all the logistics, and has shared bathrooms. In addition, it has a bar and a restaurant, offering a spectacular view of the jungle, a small library and a gift shop. Near the lodge there is an observation tower of 37 meters, from which you can admire the richness of the jungle.

The Sani Jungle Lodge offers several activities in which you can get closer to the life of the Amazon. A naturalist guide will take you on walks through the primary forest, while observing the diversity of fauna and flora, and knows about the medicinal plants of the Amazon. You can also fish piranhas, observe alligators, make night walks in the jungle or learn to shoot a blowgun. There is also the possibility to visit the Sani Isla community and learn about its customs and daily life.


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4 Days / 3 Nights - 5 Days / 4 Nights
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    Sani Lodge
    All the foods
    Accommodation Hotel
    Tour guide
    Private transportation
    Described activities in the itinerary
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4 Days/ 3 Nights

Day 1: Quito - Coca - Sani Lodge
Upon arrival at the Coca airport, we will receive our bilingual guide, who will accompany us during the 3 ½ hours of travel to the lodge (3 hours in motor canoe down the Napo River, the largest river in Ecuador, and half an hour in canoes through the Challuayacu, the small stream that leads to the lodge). On the walk we will serve a light lunch and we will receive information about the area. After enjoying a welcome drink and settling in the lodge, we will canoe to the lagoon and enjoy the sunset before dinner.

Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Exploration in the Amazon (canoe ride, hike and piranha fishing)
After breakfast, we will leave the lodge by canoe through the lagoon, before taking part in a jungle trek to get to know and see the wildlife at its best, while the roar and screams of the howler monkey accompany us. After lunch and nap, we will go fishing for piranhas and then return to the lodge to watch the sun set and the alligators in the water. When we return, we will have dinner.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Exploration in the Amazon (walk and observation tower)
The canoe ride to the beginning of Camino Coto will give us time to gather strength for the next excursion. After 2 hours of a simple walk through the forest, we will be picked up by canoe at the other end of the road and we will start the return to the hotel on the Hoatzín Way, a small stream next to the lagoon, while we observe the abundant birds and the swarms of wasps. During the afternoon, we will go up to the tower of the tree, 30 m (only 20 minutes from the lodge), and we will be able to spot toucans, macaws, parrots and maybe even a group of monkeys. At night, in the vicinity of the lodge, we can see spiders, night monkeys, frogs and other nocturnal animals. We will have dinner at the lodge. D / A / C

Day 4: Sani Lodge - Coca - Quito
We will leave Sani Lodge while we watch the sunrise in the Napo and the wildlife. We will have breakfast on the 3 ½ boat trip back to Coca. Upon arrival in Coca, our guide will take us to the airport to take the flight back to Quito.

Meals included: Breakfast

5 Days/ 4 Nights

Day 1

Your journey begins with the first flight of the morning (10:20 am) with a duration of 35 minutes from Quito to Coca where the Sani staff will pick you up and take you to a hotel in the city located on the banks of the Napo River. Here, your bilingual guide will explain about safety before boarding a motorboat for 2 and a half hours for a navigation on the largest tributary of Ecuador in the Amazon, the Napo River. During this trip you can take contact with the Amazon, ancestral communities or birds such as herons, and Amazonian vultures, while enjoying a delicious snack. A canoe navigation on the Napo River will be followed by a 15 minute walk along a wooden platform and then a canoe paddle through the beautiful Laguna de Challuacocha. The staff of Sani Lodge will welcome you with a refreshing cold drink and some snacks before being directed to their cabins.

In the afternoon, you will have a short induction hike in the nearby trails or a canoe navigation with many opportunities to observe primates, birds of the Amazon, black caimans and a close encounter with the amazing flora represented by the ceibo trees, orchids and bromeliads Return to the lodge, where our chef will offer an extensive menu of national and international cuisine that will meet the expectations of even vegetarians and vegans. Later talk about the Amazon that will be taught by one of our bilingual naturalist guides.

Day 2

After breakfast, experience life in the forest's upper canopy from our 36-meter (108-foot) tower. To get to the place, the guides will paddle in Laguna Challuacocha for approximately 30 minutes, followed by a short 10-minute walk. More than 565 species of birds have been recorded in the area, including parrots, toucans, meileros, tanagers, fly catchers, hummingbirds and, with a bit of luck, howler monkeys, squirrels, or sloths resting in the treetops. The tower offers a different perspective, opening a window to a different world of Amazonian diversity that is difficult not to say, impossible to see from the forest floor. The trip continues with an exploration in the forest in search of the countless Amazonian creatures. Return to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch there are many alternatives for your enjoyment, bird watching from the bar, or just relax in the hammocks. In the afternoon, hike on the Chorongo or Coto trails, located in terra firme forests in order to discover the intrinsic relationships between living creatures and the role they play in this complex ecosystem. Orchids, lianas, fig trees, ancient trees, ancient trees, bromeliads are part of this fabulous tropical forest. Dinner at the lodge.

After dinner, explore the lagoon in search of the rare Black Caiman in danger of extinction that can reach up to 6 meters. Return to the lodge.

Day 3

After breakfast departure to the Napo river to take the motorized canoe and visit the parrot salting of the Yasuní National Park. Where thousands of parrots look for a place in the wall of the salting pit to eat clay in a process of detoxification. Among the species that can be found, we count the Amazonian, yellow-headed, blue-headed and yellow-crowned parrots. We will continue with a hike into the Yasuní National Park considered by scientists as the most biodiverse place in the world, here, species that can not be found in the north could be observed: spider monkeys and golden mantis, yellow parrots with blue and with a bit of luck a close encounter with peccaries. On return we will visit the Community Center of Sani Isla to have an idea of ​​how the people of the community live. Enjoy your drinks, food, and Kichwa culture, learn how local life is environmentally sustainable. Return in the afternoon to the lodge for dinner.

After dinner, night walk to observe insects, spiders, snakes and frogs.

Day 4

Explore the hidden corners of Sani on a 7-hour hike on the Chorongo Largo trail for close observation of exceptional wild wildlife such as woolly monkeys, mixed troops of squirrel monkeys with capuchins, parrots, parrots, toucans and sometimes peccaries. Discover the magical world of virgin forests in an adventure for life. For a total enjoyment lunch will be served in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by arborescent ferns, centenaries, palms and all the energy that the forest emanates. Return to the lodge in the afternoon for dinner.

Day 5

After breakfast departure to the Napo River to take the motor canoe and visit the parrot wall of the Yasuní National Park. Where thousands of parrots look for a place in the wall of the salting pit to eat clay in a process of detoxification. Among the species that.

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