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A journey through the Southern countryside, with ever-changing climates and landscapes (from green to red to brown in a matter of minutes).

$55 / per person

Travel through the southern countryside with its contrasting climates and landscapes (from green colors to brown in less than 1 hour) The tour from Cuenca to the Yungilla Valley invites

$65 / per person

The beauty, craftsmanship and endurance of Ecuador’s most important archaeological complex.

$55 / per person

El Cajas National Park is ideal for hiking lovers. I offers a glimpse of the impressive cloud forests and Andean “páramo” landscapes and ecosystems.

$55 / per person

The tour begins with the trip to the picturesque town of San Bartolomé, famous for the production of guitars.

$55 / per person

This visit offers you fun experiences full of history, traditions, landscapes, rivers, mountains, and organic gardens. Ideal for connecting with “Pachamama” (Mother Earth).

$50 / per person
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