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Apullacta Expeditions Ecuador / Vilcabamba Valle de los Longevos


To the south, 45 Kim from the city of Loja is the Valle of Vilcabamba, known as the “Valle de Los Longevos”.
Vilcabamba means in Quichua “Sacred Valley“, it is recognized by its exuberant vegetation, its pleasant climate, and the longevity of its inhabitants. It has been proven that the life span is superior to that of the rest of the world, many of them surpassing one hundred years of age, this is attributed to the low indexes of diseases, the stability of the climate, the temperature, and the water with special properties.
Their rivers are loaded with minerals that are said to prolong life. So much so, that in the village there is a gerontological organism trying to discover the secrets of the eternal youth of this valley.

Vilcabamba has also considered a “Lost Paradise” in the mountains thanks to its amazing color and beauty, with low elevations that make it a suggestive landscape.

One of its attractions for lovers of hiking, horseback riding, trekking is the Cerro Mandango.

The gastronomy of the inhabitants of Vilcabamba is varied, it is based on the foods that they cultivate in their orchard and in elaborated products that they acquire in stores of the place and in the Market. Their diet is based on the consumption of rice, guineo, yucca, potato, tomato, tender grains, fruits, eggs, and meat.

The city preserves architecture from the Republican era. The majority of the houses in Vilcabamba are built with adobe and wood, with interior patios, wide portals, and beautiful gardens.

Near Vilcabamba is the Podocarpus National Park (Cajanuma area) which you can visit if you want to venture into a cloud forest environment. Life in this area is abundant! Walk alongside hummingbirds, crystal clear lakes and rivers, and hundreds of Podocarpus trees all around you.

If you want to feel that sensation of coming to a place and want to stay several days, do not forget to visit Vilcabamba surrounded by a paradisiacal landscape, which will allow you to be in contact with nature, providing a natural setting and perfect climate that blends with a colonial, quiet atmosphere full of peace.

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